Appendix II

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Enabling Other Applications

halFILE is able to work with some existing databases and programming environments, integrating image retrieval functions dynamically from the database screens you are familiar with. This add-on product is called the halFILE ActiveX DLL. The requirements for Image Enabling your database are as follows:

1. halFILE must be installed. The halFILE ActiveX DLL works with any halFILE database. 2. You must have the ability to modify your program or apply a macro to your program that will perform the necessary API functions. 3. You must purchase the halFILE ActiveX DLL from hal Systems Corporation. Call your sales or technical support representative for more information. 4. The application that you are enabling must contain some field or value that can be passed to the halFILE ActiveX DLL so it can find the related image using a halFILE database.

With the halFILE ActiveX DLL, you scan and index images using halFILE. The index information you supply will be used to link to your application. For instance, if your application was an invoicing system that used an invoice number to uniquely identify an invoice, you could scan the invoices into halFILE and, from your application, you could view the images and post index information such as the invoice number into the halFILE database. From your application, you could also pass the invoice number to find, display and print the image for that invoice.