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User Manual

halFILE Document Manager
Version 4.0
August 5, 2014

Copyright © 2004-2014 by hal Systems Corporation halFILE is a trademark of hal Systems Corporation.

All information contained or disclosed by this document is considered confidential and proprietary by hal Systems Corporation, except for rights expressly granted by contract in writing to other parties concerning the data or information disclosed herein. All design, manufacture, use, reproduction, and sales rights are reserved by hal Systems Corporation. Under the copyright laws, neither the documentation nor the software may be copied, photocopied, reproduced, translated, or reduced to any electronic medium or machine readable format except in the manner described in the documentation. Copyright © 2004-2014 by hal Systems Corporation. All rights reserved.

Chapter 1 - Welcome to halFILE

Chapter 1 - Welcome to halFILE 4.0

Welcome! This chapter introduces you to halFILE™, the leader in document management and imaging, and provides you with an overview of this manual.

Chapter 2 - Overview

Chapter 2 - Overview 4.0

HalFILE 4.0 is a major product release. This chapter tells you about new features and enhancements and describes the upgrade process from prior releases.

Chapter 3 - System Setup

Chapter 3 - System Setup 4.0

The steps used to install halFILE and set up hardware and software components is covered in this chapter. It also lists the system requirements, and tells how to set up special halFILE features.

Chapter 4 - Administration

Chapter 4 - Administration 4.0

This chapter covers the halFILE Administrator in detail, from setting up databases to defining where images are stored on your system.

Chapter 5 - Capturing Documents

Chapter 5 - Capturing Documents 4.0

This chapter describes how to scan, import, and capture the printed output to introduce new documents to halFILE.

Chapter 6 - Indexing Documents

Chapter 6 - Indexing Documents 4.0

An explanation of how key word indices are entered, how barcodes can be used, how database lookups can streamline the index process and how "real-time" OCR works can be found in this chapter.

Chapter 7 - Archiving Document Images

Chapter 7 - Archiving Document Images 4.0

This chapter describes how images are moved to permanent storage such as magnetic disk or a SAN or NAS device. It also discusses back up strategies for image files and the process of making backup copies of images on CD or DVD.

Chapter 8 - Search for Documents

Chapter 8 - Search for Documents 4.0

This chapter provides an explanation of searching for documents and viewing and printing the database information and related images.

Chapter 9 - Tools

Chapter 9 - Tools 4.0

A number of special tools and features of halFILE are available to you. This chapter covers these tools and discusses when they are best implemented.

Chapter 10 - Other halFILE Features

Chapter 10 - Other halFILE Features 4.0

This chapter describes some of the additional features you will find in halFILE.

Chapter 11 - Security

Chapter 11 - Security 4.0

halFILE provides powerful security features covered in this chapter on security.

Appendix 4.0

Appendix 4.0