Appendix VI

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Add-On Applications

The following briefly describes other related applications available from hal Systems Corporation. For more information on these applications, request the referenced document number from hal Technical Support or on-line in the Supporting Documents section of Technical Support at

  1. E-Mail Collector – a powerful system which archives e-mail from select Outlook or Outlook Express Folders to a halFILE E-mail Collector database. Includes a client module that can be used on non-halFILE workstations.
  2. Automated Indexing – this module performs full-text OCR of TIFF images (requires Imaging Professional for Windows) and stores the results into a halFILE database. halFILE Search module can then be used to perform full-text searches of the data.
  3. Rearchive Utility – this utility lets you archive to a large capacity disk and later, rearchive to a CD stage area in order to make CDs of the oldest images. This is useful when you want to keep as many images on-line as possible before moving them to CD. Document \# HFW0004.
  4. Print to halFILE – this is a printer driver that lets you print from an application and create TIFF images of what was printed. It interfaces with haFILE\’s indexing module so, after printing is complete, the images can be placed into a basket and indexed. Document \# HFW0005.
  5. Image Test and Process for ImageControls 2.x or later – this is a utility that can perform image testing and processing against a set of images. Processing options includes Deskew, Despeckle. Black Border Removal. Deshade. Streak removal. Line removal. Image Filtering. It is accessed using the Tools-Process Images menu in the halFILE Manager and requires ImageControls 2.x or later and either a Kofax Card or an Adrenaline Image Processing Software Engine. Document \# HFW0007.
  6. Index Verify – this feature of halFILE is used to verify index data entry by re-keying the data a second time (typically by a second operator). It is enabled using the File_Databases_Verify Set Up button in the halFILE Administrator. This module displays the differences and lets the operator correct errors. Document \#HFW0008.
  7. Barprint utility - used to print barcodes that can be attached to documents before scanning. Contact your sales representative for more information.
  8. Fast Import Utility used primarily in Title Plant Applications to store documents to a folder and then import them into a halFILE database using the folder name as index field information. Document \#HFW0017.
  9. Title Plant Extensions - includes documentation for many features for the Title Industry. Document \#HFW0002.
  10. HFFLOW32 Database Synchronization Utility – formerly called TOFLOW, this utility is used to synchronize information between two like halFILE databases. Document \#HFW0022.
  11. Word Merge Utility – used to merge halFILE information for an indexed document into a Word document. Document \#HFW0016.