Appendix I - Compatible Scanners and Engines

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Compatible Scanners and Engines

As mentioned earlier in this document, halFILE support Kofax-based scanners, TWAIN compatible scanners and provides a methodology for importing documents and images from other sources.


halFILE supports scanners and engines that are compatible with KOFAX ImageControls and Adrenaline drivers. This includes over 1100 combinations of scanner models and Kofax cards. A web-based configuration guide can be found at [] and can be used to determine if your scanner is compatible with our scan software. Hardware and software requirements are under constant revision as new products are released. Therefore, if you have any questions regarding the hardware and software required, call hal Systems Corporation.


Support for TWAIN scanners is new to halFILE 2.x. Call hal Systems Corporation to determine if your TWAIN scanner is compatible with halFILE\’s TWAIN Scanning module.